DNA Testing

DNA testing is a worthwhile pursuit before beginning an age reversal regimen.

Submitting a sample of my DNA to DNA Fit was among the first things I did before beginning this quest.  I sought some insight into my DNA before developing a regimen for myself.  It was a reasonably good investment because it provided me with a foundation of information from which to work off. The full analysis provided some detailed information like letting me know that I am sensitive to alcohol, what diet is optimal for me, and what type of exercise activities I am more inclined to excel.  I suggest everyone use one of several DNA Testing options to get their DNA partially sequenced as it relates to health and fitness.

Here is a link to my results.

More Advanced Genetic Testing

The DNA test I purchased was rudimentary.  You can, however, purchase tests that provide a great deal more information. Nevertheless, these tests can tell you if you have certain genes that predispose you to everything from various types of cancer to Alzheimer’s.  The epidemiology lags behind gene mapping and the technology, while getting cheaper, remains expensive.  Be patient.  We will acquire far more information, that is far more accurate, far cheaper in the not so distant future.