Body Fat Scale

Wifi Body Fat Scale facilitates quantification.

Stepping on the scale is the first thing I do each and every single morning.  Some argue against this, and they admittedly make compelling arguments.  Nevertheless, getting on the scale each morning works for me.  I guess you could say I am an information junky.  The moment I wake up, I load an app that syncs with my wifi scale.  As soon as I step off the scale, the data from my weigh-in has synced with the app on my phone.  The data collected includes: weight, body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and water percentage.  Equally important as the scale syncing with the app is that the app syncs with my fitbit app.  So, all the data ends up in one centralized place that I can download into a spreadsheet. This is extremely important for the sake of simplicity, saving a signficant amount of time.  Furthermore, the data the scale provides fitbit enables fitbit to provide even more data, like VO2 max (cardio fitness score).