Self Quantification

This is the portion of the site that informs readers of the best means and methods of self quantification.  Eventually, it will provide every imaginable methods of collecting data about oneself. To begin, there will only be a few methods addressed, but I will slowly but surely add more each week.

It is arguably one of the most important aspects of this endeavor.  If we don’t know how or why something is happening, we can’t reproduce the results.  So what if I can lengthen my telomeres, or restore homeostatic capacity, if I can’t duplicate the results in someone else?  What works for me also might not work for you.  How will you know if you have no data?  How will you figure out what is or is not working if you have no data to look at? You need data!

Furthermore, how do you know if you are making progress or regressing if you aren’t keeping data.  It is critical.

Thus far, I have examined:

Body Fat Scales

Activity Trackers

DNA Testing

Fitness Watch

Blood Pressure Cuff

O2 Saturation Device

Blood Ketone/Glucose Monitoring Device

Heart Rate Monitor

Kitchen Scale