DNA Sequencing

Gene editing for age reversal is happening now.

The following contains both the abreviated infographic and the much longer full report of my gene sequencing.  I purchased this service from DNA Fit before beginning my quest to lengthen my telomeres.  It was a reasonably good investment because it provided me with a foundation of information from which to work off.  Had I not obtained this DNA report, I would never have known that I am prone to physical injury and that I have an alcohol sensitivity.  This alcohol sensitivity was verified through the use of other quantification tools, which led me to conclude that alcohol consumption results in my resting heart rate and heart rate variability becoming elevated for a day or two.

We successfully mapped the human genome in 2003.  I distinctly remember learning about this in the fifth grade.  We were all told this would be a “game changer”; perhaps the biggest advancement in human health since the discovery of antibiotics.  And yet, the completion of the human genome mapping was announced not with a great big bang, but with a nearly silent thud.  Why?  Because while it is fantastic that we mapped the human genome, the epidemiology associated with the human genome hasn’t yet fully caught up.  In time, it will.  Furthermore, epigenetics, the science of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself is a fascinating field that will likely yield incredible advancements.  I believe I am an epigeneticist as I am convinced that my lifestyle changes are fundamentally altering my gene expression.  Make no mistake, gene sequencing is going to be a really hot field in the coming years.  It will get cheaper and cheaper while simultaneously providing better and more accurate insight into one’s genetic predispositions.  New natural and synthetic ways to alter one’s genetic expression are also emerging.

John’s DNA Fit Infographic

John Loehr helix_infographic

John’s DNA Fit Full Report

John Loehr helix_fitness_premium Full Report


Gene Sequencing - Alcohol Sensitivity