Live (Healthily) Long Enough to Live (Healthily) Forever

This is a GIF of the book cover of the book Live Long Enough to Live Forever by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman.

I received the results of my DNA sequencing this week.   I will upload the entire report and have posted an infographic below that pretty much tells the whole story.Of particular interest is that my DNA indicates that while my recovery time is medium, my risk of injury is very high.  While disappointing, this is good for me to know because I have warmed up prior to exercise about twice in my life and never really stretch.  I always thought of both as a waste of time or something girls do.  Warming up and stretching are now priorities.

My DNA has a slight natural bias towards power activities rather than ones which demand endurance.  That makes a lot of sense considering the types of activities I am generally drawn to.  Also noteworthy is the fact that I am best suited for a Mediterranean diet. I am pleased to discover this.  Surprisingly, my carbohydrate sensitivity and saturated fat sensitivity are low.  I am a slow metabolizer of caffeine and have a raised sensitivity to alcohol.

Most importantly, my DNA has an elevated need for Antioxidants, Omega 3s, and cruciferous vegetables.  I have NEVER eaten vegetables in my life.

The results of my DNA sequencing only further lead me to believe that that this quest will likely fundamentally change my life.  Even if I fail to reverse my age, I am convinced that this dramatic lifestyle change will make me sharper, stronger, faster, perform, sleep, and feel better, be happier, and generally substantially improve my overall quality of life.

I continue to voraciously devour written books, audio books, and documentaries related to my endeavor.  I finished one such book called “Ending Aging,” by Aubrey de Grey, which while quite technical, I strongly recommend to anyone with an interest in life extension.  In the book the author discusses the concept of Longevity Escape Velocity.  This theoretical concept will be realized when life expectancy is being extended longer than the time that is passing. For example, if in the coming year I manage to successfully reverse my biological age by more than a year, Longevity Escape Velocity would be achieved.  Longevity Escape Velocity would be maintained if in the future I continue to increase my life expectancy or reverse my biological age by more than the year that just went by.  The author envisions a world in which people will receive a therapy that reverses their biological age by a decade or more.  That decade gives science some time to develop a new therapy or improve upon the existing therapy to continue extending the client’s life. If my mission is a success, I will have conclusively proven that an early battle against Aging has been won and that Longevity Escape Velocity is a reality.

Google executive, futurist, transhumanist, author, scientist, and inventor Ray Kurzweil is also a champion of Longevity Escape Velocity and even named his book “Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever” after the concept.   I think that’s a great title for a book and it is in my Amazon shopping cart along with more than 50 others.  I think it is critical to not only live long enough to live forever, but to live healthily long enough to live healthily forever.  While the medical and scientific communities are successfully extending lifespan, we seem to be struggling with healthspan.  Thus, living long enough to enjoy future scientific advances that may result in therapies capable of substantially reversing one’s biological age, will be an incredible experience, but only if one is physically and/or mentally healthy enough to enjoy it.  

I have just about completed all my preparations for this mission.  The Telomere test kit is in the mail as are all the vitamins and supplements I will be taking.  Wheatgrass seeds are germinating on my balcony. A Polar 7 heart rate monitor is also on the way.  I intend to use it to begin monitoring my heart rate variability.  Heart Rate Variability is a concept I stumbled upon during my studies.  Apparently, it is the hot new thing that not too many people know much about.  A book on the subject matter is on the way and I will break it down for you after I finish reading it.

Exactly two weeks to go.  I’m getting a little nervous.

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