Quest Updates

Posts that fall under this category describe what has recently occurred in John’s quest to lengthen his telomeres.

How I Reversed Prediabetes, Slashed my Blood Pressure, and Annihilated my High Cholesterol: And How You Can Too

  In August of 2017 I walked into a doctor’s office, sat down, and listened to her tell me I had high blood pressure, very high cholesterol, and was prediabetic.  You may recall that in my blog post titled “Raising the Stakes,” I wrote, “I believe my reaction to her somber news was incredibly incongruous …

Latest Updates

Aromatherapy is a potential age reversal therapy.

I spent some time updating the “Mind Food” section of the site.  In particular, I added all the books I’ve read since first starting to think about this endeavor.  I have arranged them roughly in order of the books I think are most important and thought provoking to least.  Some of them have the potential …

Running with Apollo

Rocky and Apollo Running on the Beach.

The diet changes are becoming relatively easy to accept.  Fast days (less than 600 calories) aren’t even that hard anymore, as I don’t really get hungry.  I suspect my stomach has shrunk.  This experience reinforces my belief that the human mind and body are truly amazing and incredibly adaptable.  If you can just get through …