And So it Begins…


I limped out of bed at 6:30 am slightly hung over from overindulging on Michelob Ultras while enjoying the previous day walking around, drinking beer, and watching golf at The President’s Cup with one of my oldest and closest friends and his wife.  My head hurt, my back hurt, and both knees hurt as I stumbled from my bedroom to my bathroom to step on the scale.  I weighed in at a whopping 186.2 lbs with a body fat percentage of 25.5%.  I am officially fat.  It took a few minutes of walking around to get all my joints lubricated enough before I was able to stand erect, relatively pain free.  Is this just what 40 feels like for everybody?  Is it supposed to be this way?  Must it be this way?

I proceeded to juice some kale because I did not have enough wheatgrass to get an ounce of juice.  I took my first dose of vitamins which included:


  1. Vitamin C – 20,000 mg a day
    1. Broken Up Into four 5,000 mg doses
    2. 6 am, Noon, 4 pm, 8 pm
  2. Niacin – 4,000 mg a day
    1. Broken up into four 1,000 mg doses
    2. 6 am, Noon, 4 pm, 8 pm
  3. Omega 3 Fish Oil – Carlson’s Lab – 2,000 mg
    1. Broken Up Into two 1,000 mg doses
    2. 6 am and 8 pm
  4. Vitamin D – 2,000 IU per day – Single Dose
  5. Curcumin – 500 mg per day – Single Dose
  6. DHEA – 100 mg per day – Single Dose
  7. MultiVitamin – Single Dose
  8. L-Arginine – 2,000 mg
    1. Broken Up Into two 1,000 mg doses
    2. 6 am and 8 pm
  9. Trans Resveratrol – 250 mg – Single Dose


I finished reading the book “Spark” before Amazon Fresh arrived with my order of organic fruits, vegetables, and chicken.  As much as I hate the corporatization of everything, this was incredibly simple, efficient, and not terribly expensive.  Who knows if the food is actually organic?  I would much prefer to obtain my food from a local organic farm.  This is something I will explore in the future.

Lunch consisted of a dish I made that included organic brown rice, shredded turkey, crushed red pepper, extra virgin olive oil, habanero powder, flax seeds, chia seeds, and Franks Extra Hot Sauce.  It was quite good, but I was shocked to learn it would take 45 minutes to cook the brown rice.  Consequently,  I am buying a rice cooker.

At about 2 pm, I hopped on my bike to head to Liberty State Park to do my very first session of High Intensity Interval Training.  I didn’t get very far before being stopped by a Jersey City Police Officer who had stopped all traffic to allow Dustin Johnson, Paulina Gretzky, and the rest of their entourage to cross the street.  Paulina wore a bright red miniskirt, white top, and sneakers.  She looked exquisitely fit.  I continued towards my destination before being stopped again by a State Trooper.  This time I was stopped because the President was arriving.  Sure enough, I soon heard and saw Marine One flying low, thundering by.  What was supposed to be just a few moments turned into 20 minutes before the Trooper finally told me that it might be a long time before I could pass.  So, I disappointedly turned around and headed to Cochrane Field.

Despite all the activity in the area associated with The President’s Cup, there were only a few people on one of the fields.  I chose to head towards the isolated baseball field in a far corner, as far as possible from the rest of the people.  I parked my bicycle and walked onto the grass and did some stretching.   As I stretched I began to seriously contemplate how much this was going to suck.  I literally hadn’t sprinted in 20 years.  I began wondering, “Could I even do it without seriously injuring myself?  What are the chances of me having a heart attack?”

Finally, I thought to myself, “I’m committed to this stupid thing!  There’s no backing out now!”

And with that, I opened my phone, set my app for four sets of 10 seconds of sprinting followed by 50 seconds of walking.  I pressed play, stuffed my phone in my pocket and took my mark as the app blared, “Beeeeeeeeeeep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beeeeeeeep,” and off I went.  I made it about 10 yards before both my phone and wallet came flying out of my pockets.  Ok, no big deal.  False start.  I picked up my stuff, dropped my wallet by the gate and decided to stuff my phone in the Flipbelt I was wearing as soon as I hit play.

Ten seconds can be a VERY long time.  As I “exploded” off the starting line, I quickly became surprised that it seemed like I was moving so slowly.  This is not the speed at which I remembered sprinting.  I then figured I would quickly gather some serious momentum.  The momentum never came.  Then I began to worry that the app was broken or malfunctioning because I must have been running for at least ten seconds.  It felt like thirty seconds of torture.  I persevered and continued to give it all I had to give for another few seconds until I heard the most beautiful sound of, “Beep, Beep, Beeeeeeep.”  The first of four sets was over.  I survived.  I was huffing and puffing and forgot all about walking and just tried to catch my breath.  Just as I was beginning to recover, the app started beeping again, forcing me to take my mark.  I somehow dug deep and managed to push myself through the next three sets.  By the end of it, there was spit on my face, my chest and thighs were burning, I was so lightheaded I feared I might faint, and I was nauseous.  But I was alive.  And despite the pain I was in, ironically, I felt really good!  Ok, so maybe I only really ran for a total of 40 seconds, but at that moment, I felt like I had won the Boston Marathon or Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

I cycled home and decided to make myself a juice concoction consisting of Kale, Broccoli, some grapes, and half an apple.  The juice was really green and not terribly appetizing looking.  However, much to my delight, it really did not taste bad at all.  I think the grapes and apple really helped suppress the vileness of the Kale and Broccoli.  As I get accustomed to the taste of juiced vegetables, I will progressively remove fruit from my juices.  Ideally, I will only blend fruits.

It was time to get into The Wim Hof Method.  After watching a few introductory videos, including, “Why the Breathing Exercises, How to do the Breathing Exercises, Why the Cold Shower Exercise, How to take a Cold Shower, and How you do the WHM Stretch,” I started the first week’s 34 minutes long video.  The WHM is designed to be watched while the viewer actually participates doing exactly what Wim is doing.  The first half of the video involves three sets of deep breathing exercises that seeks to oxygenate the blood and expel Carbon Dioxide.  As Wim indicated, the deep breathing exercises made me feel light headed and tingly.  I managed to hold my breath for 42.55 seconds, 51.32 seconds, and 55.12 seconds.  I expect my ability to hold my breath to improve significantly.

The next portion of the video consisted Yoga Stretches including Forward Bending, Back Bending, Spine Twisting, and Scissors.  I expect to be quite sore tomorrow not only from the sprinting, but also from the Scissors.

The final portion of the video included a demonstration of a cold shower with instructions.  Actually taking the thirty second long cold shower wasn’t as brutal as anticipated.  The thirty seconds I spent under the cold shower felt shorter than any of the sets of ten second sprints.  It was, admittedly, shocking when the cold water that felt like ice first made contact with my skin.  I just stood there like a statue and counted to thirty while taking deep breaths.  As I hopped out of the shower, just like when I completed High Intensity Interval Training, I felt fantastic.

This evening I pricked myself to draw blood to collect a sample I have sent back to the Telomeres Testing laboratory.  I photographed and videoed the process as proof that the sample is, in fact, mine.

I survived day one of 365.  It was not nearly as bad as I expected it to be.  I do, however, expect it to get much tougher before it gets easier.  This week in particular will be extraordinarily challenging, most especially Tuesday and Thursday, which are fast days on which I will only be consuming juiced or blended fruits and vegetables.

Wish me Luck!


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