Age Reversal is Real: Longevity Escape Velocity is Upon Us

Gene editing for age reversal is happening now.


I’ve been asked, “So, you’re really trying to reverse your age?  Really, John?  Isn’t that kind of silly?  It’s something a 12 year old boy might fantasize about, but not a grown man.”  I pity those who share this sentiment, certainly the overwhelming majority of people, for their lack of imagination and relevant subject knowledge.  In some instances, I give it my best shot to educate the person attempting to humiliate me.  In others, I don’t even bother, for I know I would be wasting my time and precious breath.  I do not let these small minded skeptics deter me.  You shouldn’t either.This is important.  We’ve been conditioned to think a certain way for a lifetime.  We are constantly bombarded with direct and indirect advertising via television, internet, radio, and print.  It is inescapable.  It all has one thing in common.  Generally speaking, it seeks to maintain the status quo.  Interest groups lobby government to get advantageous laws passed and use their wealth and influence to control the flow of information; essentially, successful interest groups control reality as it pertains to their domain.  Why do you think so many billionaires are purchasing newspapers and other media outlets?  “Health” is frequently no longer about true health; rather, it is about money.  The sooner we recognize these facts and accept them, the better off we will be.  This knowledge will enable us to live healthier, happier, longer lives.  We cannot rely on “experts” to guide us because their message is likely tainted or grossly biased.  Most, if not all, are trying to sell you something, whether they admit it or not.  The drug companies are trying to sell you drugs.  The doctors need to keep patients.  The factory food companies will scream how healthy all their products are and they will hire “experts” to convince you it’s true.  You will never know who is on whose payroll.  Both “science” and “medicine” are for sale.  We are truly on our own.  We must take personal responsibility, arm ourselves with knowledge, and become our own health and longevity advocates.

(Re)Introduction to Telomeres
Regular readers know that telomeres are caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes.  Without these protective caps coating our chromosomes, our DNA would become damaged.  Our cells are constantly dividing.  Telomeres get a little shorter, with each cell division.  Longer telomeres = more cell divisions left in your life.  More cell divisions left in your life = longer and healthier life.  As you all know, I am trying to prove we are each capable of substantially lengthening our telomeres in as little as a year.  Thus, while I concede that on the surface of it, my statement that I am reversing my biological age may seem preposterous, it is both very real and a scientifically accurate statement.  Nor am I alone.  Legions of scientists are working feverishly to develop drugs and therapies to revitalize telomeres.  They are succeeding.Several studies have demonstrated that various therapies have resulted in telomere lengthening.  Some of these methods include caloric restriction, meditation, daily multivitamin consumption, and healthy lifestyle changes, among many other techniques.  If one’s telomeres have gotten longer, one is, legitimately, younger at the cellular level.  We can not only reverse our age, but we can also accelerate it.  There are several proven ways telomeres have inadvertently been shortened, including not getting enough sleep, over-training, social isolation, smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and many other known and unknown ways.
In the Dean Ornish Study, a bunch of older men made major lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, and meditation.  Over the course of five years, these men significantly lengthened their telomeres by an astonishing 10 percent.  The study also noted that the more people changed their behavior by adhering to the recommended lifestyle regimen, the greater their improvements in telomere length.   That’s incredible, isn’t it?  After reading about that study, the wheels in my mind began to grind a little faster.  The more I thought about the Dean Ornish Study, and the more self directed research I performed, the more convinced I became that not only could I duplicate the results of the study, I could exceed them and do it faster.  I figured that I would do EVERYTHING that has been shown to lengthen telomeres, even if only a little bit.  Moreover, I would even do things that I just THOUGHT might have a good chance of affecting telomeres and telomerase (the enzyme that causes telomeres to grow longer) activity.  I would essentially throw the kitchen sink at the problem of aging.  So, I set out on a mission to lengthen my telomeres as much as possible that would last for one year.  If successful, which remains to be seen, I will have reversed my biological age.  I will, cellularly, be younger.
Longevity Escape Velocity
If I can significantly lengthen my telomeres, you can too.  I aim to reduce my biological age to 31, ten years less than what my chronological age will be. That would be the equivalent of taking an 80 year old and making him or her 60 at the cellular level.  That age reversed 80 year old might really have a chance of attaining longevity escape velocity, the concept in which one could potentially live for a thousand years because scientific advances outpace cellular degradation.  There are amazing things happening right now.  So amazing that even if you are currently quite elderly, if you do the necessary things to reverse your cellular age, there’s a legitimate chance you will be around for a very long time.  Just a few days ago I read,“Elizabeth Parris, the CEO of Bioviva USA Inc, has become the very first human being to successfully, from a biological standpoint, reverse the  age of her white blood cells, thanks to her own company’s experimental therapies. Bioviva utilizes intramural and extramural peer-reviewed research to create therapies for age-related diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart-disease), and now, they have reversed 20 years of ‘telomere shortening’ in a human for the first time.”1Gene therapies are available in overseas markets RIGHT NOW.  Expect to pay megabucks for it.  I’ve heard unofficial price tag ranges of between $250,000 and $5 million.  $250,000 for an extra healthy 20 years is an incredible bargain!  From a purely mathematical perspective, this is not a difficult decision.  Are you as flabbergasted as I am that this is possible right now? I can’t even imagine what will be happening 20 years from now.  No doubt the therapies will get better and better and prices will fall substantially.  I am thrilled to be working on the most fascinating puzzle imaginable at such an exciting time!
What’s Beyond Telomeres
Let’s forget our telomeres for a moment.  If I’ve learned anything since embarking upon this mission, it is that there are so many incredible things happening in the vast field of biogerontology right now. Nanotech, Stem Cells, Gene Therapy, Bioengineering, Neuroscience, Pharma, and Biotech; there are amazing things happening now in each individual field.  It’s not once a year or even once every few months that I come across a headline that makes my jaw drop open in awe as I think to myself, “No Way.  There’s just no way that’s happening.  This is absolutely incredible!”  The fact is, science fiction is becoming reality before our very eyes.One reason I have learned so much about life extension and the current developments in biogerontology is because I’ve read over 50 books related to the subject in under six months, and of equal importance, I have been posting links to headline news stories about advances in age reversal science every few days.  I never have any difficulty finding at least five headlines to post that are applicable to our area of interest.  In fact, I have more difficulty cutting down the list of links to good stories.  Reading these news articles has been incredibly eye opening and educational.  It has also been inspiring and exciting.  I am convinced, longevity escape velocity is upon us and I hope to fire one of the first legitimate shots.  Some of these fantastic headlines include:Is an Anti-Aging Pill on the Horizon?Forever Young: Bioviva Unveils First Anti-Aging Gene TherapyMarketed Antianxiety Drug Reverses Brain Deficits Caused by Alcohol

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Stage-3 myeloma cancer completely ELIMINATED with a turmeric supplement – British Medical Journal

Google’s co-founders and other Silicon Valley billionaires are trying to live forever


We are certainly living through exciting times!  I will have no difficulty adding a new therapy, or vitamin, supplement, herb, or drug to my regimen each week for the next seven months.  In fact, it will be quite easy.  This is a testament to the incredible array of new therapies being developed and old ones finally getting studied.  I get positively giddy when I think about the upcoming therapies I will deploy.  Some of them you’ll be familiar with, while others will be totally foreign, and possibly shocking, to you.  I can’t wait to share them with you!  There are literally countless things we can do to reverse our cellular age.  Perhaps you should start adopting a few yourself.  They needn’t be the most difficult, extreme, expensive, or time consuming.  Just start making a difference now.  Your 80 year old self will thank you.  If you are already 80 years old, as I have no doubt there are some octogenarians reading this, it is not too late to get started.  Your 100 year old self will thank you as you receive the next generation of age reversal treatments 20 years from now.

Even if I fail to successfully lengthen my telomeres, it really doesn’t matter.  I will have wisely spent, not wasted, a year of my life learning some incredible things, immersing myself in a field that interests me, become incredibly “healthy” and fit, and accomplished some amazing things that I previously would have considered impossible.  So, even if I “fail”, I will have succeeded.  I really can’t lose.  My passion for aging and life extension cannot be extinguished and continues to grow with each passing day.  There are so many new and exciting things happening in the field that there will always be new treatments to explore.

I will measure my telomeres again on April 1st.  Before the end of that month, I expect us all to know if my efforts have been fruitful.  In the meantime, if you’re reading this, then you are a bonafide pioneer in a growing movement.  Go forth and spread the word that biological age reversal is real and happening right now.


1  Scientists Reverse The Age of White Blood Cells In A Female Human Being – They’re Now 20 Years Younger. (2018, February 14). Retrieved February 22, 2018, from


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