Month: December 2017

Whey Protein: Building Muscle AND Telomeres

Whey Protein helps build muscle AND telomeres.

I began this endeavor to prove I could reverse my biological age totally opposed to consuming anything that was not naturally occurring.  I decided I would consume strictly real food.  Nothing artificial.  No preservatives.  No pharmaceuticals.  No artificial flavors or colors.   No Nothing that I couldn’t hunt or grow myself.  I would live as those …

Why I Quit Drinking: Resting Heart Rate, Variability, and Telomeres

Excessive alcohol consumption shortens telomeres.

I love to drink!  It’s fun, often social, and something to look forward to.  Some of the best, gut bustingly “I can’t breathe” funniest, most memorable times of my life involved alcohol and good friends.  Nevertheless, I’ve decided to pretty much totally eliminate alcohol from my life.  “Why?” you wonder.  My reasons are manifold and …