Vitamin Megadosing


I have always been skeptical of Vitamins.  In fact, I saw them as nothing more than clever marketing schemes no different than snake oil and other panaceas of the 19th century.Since then, however, the Orthomolecularist Dr. Saul’s compelling arguments in his many books and documentary appearances caused me to perform my own research.  I am now  convinced that this is an affordable, worthwhile form of therapy.   Even if it fails to do much of anything, taking vitamins/supplements will do no harm.  You would be hard pressed to find someone who died of an overdose of vitamins.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of pharmaceuticals.

I have settled on the following vitamin/supplement regimen.  This is subject to change and/or tweaking.  Some Anti Aging authorities advocate taking far more vitamins/supplements in far greater doses.

Vitamins and Supplements:

  1. Vitamin C – 8,000 mg a day
  2. Niacin – 2,000 mg a day
  3. Omega 3 Fish Oil – Carlson’s Lab
  4. Vitamin D – 4,000 IU per day
  5. Curcumin – 400 mg per day
  6. DHEA – 100 mg per day
  7. L-Arginine – 1,200 mg per day
  8. Multi-Vitamin – Optimen
  9. Trans Resveratrol – 125 mg per day
  10. Whey Protein
  11. Creatine – Soon