Sleep Therapies

Getting enough sleep at the right time is necessary for health and long telomeres.

We spend about ⅓ of our lives sleeping.  It is necessary to human survival. We spend even more time in our bedrooms.  During sleep is when the body cleanses and heals itself.  Considering how much time we spend sleeping, we should do it right.  Modern society has made it difficult. Sleeping right will not only make you live longer, it will give you tremendous advantages throughout every conceivable arena of life.  Doing it wrong, and you will be going through life handicapping yourself.  

I will soon begin populating this section of the site with therapies either performed while sleeping or that improve one’s quality of sleep.

Lack of sleep has repeatedly been shown to shorten telomeres.  Every single person reading this can take action to improve their sleep and the benefits they experience.  Take a look at the following. Some are really simple minor adjustments. Others, may be conditions you suffer from and don’t even realize it.  The below sleep related therapies have the potential to change your life. Why not try one?