Strength Training

Age Reversal Strength Training

Age reversal strength training involves any one of 100s of varieties of weight lifting routines.  Lean muscle mass is a biomarker of aging.  As such, packing on some muscle is an important consideration for any age reversal regimen.  Remember, guiding principle #7, which states, “I cannot have my average telomere length measured daily or even weekly.  I can, however, track several biomarkers of aging. If I can improve as many of these biomarkers as possible by as much as possible, my telomeres will follow.”  


Like “Diet”, there are many means and methods of strength training that will produce results.  I have chosen to do Stronglifts (5×5). I recently adjusted Stronglifts to three sets of three repetitions.  I did this to shorten the length of time I spend in the gym and to focus on lifting heavier weight. My chosen strength training regimen will likely change multiple times during the course of this endeavor.


If one wishes to adopt this method of strength training, I strongly encourage you to download the free app.  I use it.