Age Reversal Diet

This section of explores the various possibilities for the optimal age reversal diet.

What is a healthy diet?

What on the surface seems like an incredibly easy question, has become, in fact, an astonishingly difficult one to answer.  Ask three medical doctors or other experts in the field and you will get three different answers.  Even the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association send inconsistent messages. The “science” on this subject is contradictory.


Gluten Free? Vegan? Paleo? CRON? KETO? Raw? Juice? Blend? Mediterranean?


There are a million diets out there.  Guess what. They all work. Granted, some work better and are healthier than others, but you can lose weight on just about any diet.  Even opposite diets that defy logic seem to work I can’t explain it.  But it works. 


My policy is really simple.  Eat real food until you are satisfied, never full.  That’s all. Real food is food that grows. It is not genetically modified, nor is it filled with chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors. It is not created by a food scientist.  


We are all farmers by proxy.  Make an effort to choose real food and you will prompt food sellers to stop carrying fake, factory food.


In the coming weeks and months I will be adding specific food items to discuss.  Expect posts on goji berries, quinoa, brown rice, shrimp, grass fed beef, extra virgin olive oil and many more.