Cosmetic Therapies

Age Reversal Cosmetic Therapy

Part of reversing one’s age involves actually looking younger, which is why cosmetic therapies must also be considered.  I came up with the idea for this portion of the site after explaining to a friend and his wife the nature of my endeavor.  My friend asked, “So you’re going to be like 500 years old, but you’ll look 25? If you are reversing your biological age, you’ll look younger too, right?”  I replied, “Well, I’m not really sure. Probably not so much. However, who cares what I look like. It’s just superficial. My cells will literally be younger.  If you want to look good, get a face lift or something.”


My friend went on to say, “In that case, if you live to be 500, you’re going to look like a living corpse.”


He has a point.  I guess we all would like to hang on to our youthful good looks as long as possible.  The conversation prompted me to realize that if I am going to live to be 500, I better start taking better care of the way I look immediately.  We simply do not know how this age reversing thing will ultimately play out. We may grow new bodies (sleeves) like in the Netflix show Altered Carbon.  Or we may undergo gene therapy that regenerates our skin and hair, bringing us back to the way we looked in our prime. We just don’t know.


Looking good is the very center of the “anti-aging” movement.  That is absolutely NOT what motivates me, an age reversalist. I am motivated by a desire to live as long as possible as healthily as possible with the greatest quality of life possible. Nevertheless, I now recognize looking relatively good must be a consideration of age reversal.


Consequently, I’ll be adding cosmetic therapies that I will undergo.  Some you will all be familiar with, like Rogaine, while others will be totally foreign to you.  Stay tuned!