About ReversingMyAge.com


I have created this website to document my year long quest to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is possible to significantly reverse one’s biological age.  I will not spend much money and will not take potentially dangerous and expensive hormones.  I will, however, deploy a militant, maniacal dedication working diligently towards my goal.  At the end of the coming year, I will be stronger, faster, leaner, mentally tougher, sharper, and most importantly, my telomeres will be longer, thus effectively proving that I am younger at the cellular level.  I will be chronologically older by a year, but biologically younger by more than a year.  ReversingMyAge.com is essentially about my efforts to lengthen my telomeres.  Will I be successful?  Only time will tell…

“Let Food be

thy medicine

and medicine

by thy food.”

– Hippocrates


Guiding Principles of this Endeavor:

  1. Aging is a treatable disease.  It is NOT an inescapable consequence of birth.  It can be sped up, slowed to a crawl, and yes, even reversed.
  2. The only thing I know about aging and the human body is that I don’t know much of anything at all.  In my view, neither do the so-called experts. I can, however, use common sense and experience to draw conclusions that will lead me down a path towards effective methodologies.
  3. The human body is a truly magnificent thing.  Its perfect design is so complex that it continues to baffle scientists.  I believe there is a powerful healing force within each of us. I aim to unlock it.
  4. Everything matters; what one eats, when one eats it, type of exercise, duration of exercise, intensity of exercise, state of mind, what one thinks, and how one thinks. Everything! The seemingly smallest details matter.  Changing them can have profound effects, even if we cannot understand why. Consequently, I will document as much as is reasonably possible.
  5. While I will use vitamins, minerals, and supplements, I will not use any forms of hormone therapy that require a doctor’s prescription.  I am not philosophically opposed to the use of drugs and may consider utilizing some cutting edge pharma, biotech, and/or nanotech therapies after this year long experiment is complete.
  6. I will exercise the strictest discipline while maintaining an open mind regarding adopting new or different, potentially effective, therapies. ​​​
  7. I cannot have my average telomere length measured daily or even weekly.  I can, however, track several biomarkers of aging. If I can improve as many of these biomarkers as possible by as much as possible, my telomeres will follow.


“The greatest medicine

of all is teaching people

how not to need it.”



I hope my blog posts inspire deep thought, introspection, vigorous debate, and action towards living longer, healthier, more active lifestyles.  If you’ve stumbled upon my humble website and have any interest in this subject matter, no matter your expertise, I do hope you contribute.  Don’t be shy.  Even if I disagree with you, I genuinely appreciate your input.  If you have a strong position on a given therapy and would like to see me institute it, write a comment or email me.  If you make a compelling argument, I will adopt your suggestion.